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Influence, Klout and API

Influence is a word that keeps cropping up when online reputation and its implementation are addressed. Influence is considered first and foremost as one of the analytical keys for  its community ecosystem, clients or even detractors, but also as one of the weighting keys for its opinion leaders whether they’re pro or anti. I will […]

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Twitter and RSS feeds: make monitoring easy on Twitter

Some weeks ago Twitter changed its search results pages and removed the links pointing to the RSS feed for the search results. This was probably done in order to limit calls on its infrastructure by software not using its APIs which could therefore affect the proper working of its infrastructure. Anyway, these RSS URLs have not completely vanished […]

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Curation – it’s shit

I could have written 5h1t: I could have been more subtle; I could have tried to be more consensual; but that must be lacking in my DNA ;). But in the end by using S-word, I am ultimately being very mild-mannered compared with what I think deep down. Curation here, curation there. You really wonder if people […]

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