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Twitter map: OrangeBug

On 6 July 2012, the Orange France mobile telephony network suffered an unprecedented breakdown preventing any voice, internet and SMS use for several hours.

Internet users, whether Orange customers or not, and the media posted tens of thousands of messages about “Orange Bug” or “Orange Fail”.

A few days after the event, Actulligence Consulting produced a map of the messages posted on this topic.

In the space of 48 hours we were able to produce several map views of the discussions identify at once the scope of conversations, the communication effectiveness of the official accounts and the impact of the media.

Télécharger (PDF, 705KB)

Here you can see the general structure of the collected content and extract some initial observations about the way in which the conversations are organised:

  • The structure of the content network clearly shows very targeted general public activity. The number of individuals posting a message on the Orange bug without it necessarily originating from an influential Twitter account clearly shows that people are directly affected and speaking about this outage and its consequences. They themselves are “authors” on the topic and are not satisfied with retweeting or pointing out what’s being posted by the official accounts, media Twitter accounts or high-profile accounts.
  • The number of influential accounts giving rise to conversations and retweets is still relatively large and this can be observed on this map’s outer ring which brings together the accounts  which are interacting the most.
  • The importance of the Orange_conseil account is noted without even being referred to above or filtered.
  • Looking more closely at the names of accounts in the outer ring (accounts which produced the greatest interactions) we observe these are mainly official accounts (Orange, Sosh), hi-tech media accounts (Clubic,  ZDNet, PC Impact, etc.) and those of the traditional media or traditional media journalists (morandiniblog, annesojacques, economiematin, lemonde, etc.)
  • Links between influential accounts are scarce. Each influential account posts its own message and this reaches various groups of people having few links, including lower level recipients.

Télécharger (PDF, 224KB)

In this second view we used accounts that posted at least 5 tweets on the topic as a basis and followed all the interactions down to an infinite depth level originating from active accounts (more than 5 tweets):

  • In this view more than 70% of initial messages have been eliminated, meaning that 70 % of the activity on OrangeBug results from one-off posts.
  • The influential accounts identified above show up easily and you can also see more easily the connections and prominent links , such as:
  1. At the top left the string interactions between the account Orange_Conseil and the account saintmtex
  2. The links between the Orange account and ygourven (Yann Gourvenec is an Orange employee and influential blogger)
  3. The importance of the Dolka77 account and its relationship with the AFP account (Dolka77 is an AFP employee).

This quick analysis shows the convenience of mapping for highlighting and identifying unclear and complex relationships in such a volume. Analysis of the interactions on Twitter can enable the easier display of “real life” relationships (employee relationship, partnership relationship, affinity relationships, community relationships and links between the authors of a blog who have their own accounts and the blog’s official account).

Télécharger (PDF, 148KB)

The map above comprises accounts and hashtags. It is focussed on the network’s strongest component as a starting point.
Even a brief glance gives us some interesting items:

  • On the right the strong links in fuchsia between the #mobile and #UFCquechoisir hashtags, with the official UFCQueChoisir account behind in green, showing UFC Que Choisir’s quick and aggressive positioning on the event.
  • The undeniable importance of the #orange hashtag (which is usual since it’s one of the collection elements) and very strong link between the #orangebug hashtag, which is the one that best characterises what this exceptional outage was called. OrangeFail also appears, but to a much lesser extent.
  • The importance of the Twitter account of DelphineErnotte, Chief Executive Office of Orange France, which really acts as a very strong focal point between the various official Orange accounts.

This analysis aimed to demonstrate the convenience of mapping for quickly representing and exploring an event. However, the large volume of messages posted during these crisis periods makes identification of key messages and the understanding of their spread difficult.

Mapping is still a useful tool for giving direction to communication in a complex environment. For a given event, it enables the spread of messages originating from influential sources to be identified, this influence to be assessed, the impact of the hashtags created and the sponsors of these hashtags to be determined.

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