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Intelligence économique et veille : pour que l'information se transforme en action


Actulligence Consulting supports companies in designing their monitoring systems.

We remain convinced that for a monitoring project to be carried out optimally, it is important for our clients to benefit from true expertise in monitoring solutions that is completely independent of any vendor, allowing them to design their monitoring system and validate their project without the involvement of monitoring solutions vendors.

Through its expertise, Actulligence Consulting will assist you in drawing up your requirements using interview schedules and their drafting.

Actulligence Consulting works on the assumption that the essential stage that will enable the launch of the monitoring cell or equip you with strategic monitoring, competition monitoring or image monitoring tools that will best suit you involves an in-depth understanding of your information needs and your way of managing and acquiring information.

As the monitoring process often calls for various “profiles” (monitors, experts, monitoring recipients), we study the collaborative aspects needed for the proper working of your monitoring process.

We carry out this advice phase in close co-operation with our clients’ project team and we offer you support until your project is fully functional and the first monitoring deliverables (reports, newsletters, alerts) are circulated to your teams.

You can call on the services of Actulligence Consulting for all the following benefits

  • Analysis and drafting of requirements

We will offer you one or several interview schedules that we validate with you and which allow us to know what you and your contacts expect of your future monitoring system. We draw up all of the information sources you require, write up the type of information expected and the formats for copying and identify the functionalities and services that you expect from your monitoring system.

  • Organisation and project management

Launching a monitoring project is not an easy thing: information is a commodity regarded as strategic and occasionally of high value; collaborative processes are not always evident; systems and software which manage the data are increasingly plentiful and complex; the intrinsic across-the-board approach of strategic monitoring and economic intelligence often means involving a large number of contributors, services and departments. We are actively involved in organising and managing your project through all of its phases: we set up working groups the the steering committee with you; we organise work meetings; we suggest a tentative schedule to you and we check on the correct progress of the project and proper compliance with deadlines.

If necessary we integrate your existing procedures and use your tools so that all of the project’s management is undertaken according to your own ways.

  • Drafting a specification

Your future monitoring system’s specification is an essential element of the project: it must allow you to communicate with the service providers or software vendors you are going to consult.

It must provide a clear report of the current situation, but above all of your future needs.

Moreover, with monitoring today being closely based on digital data, the specification will inevitably include the technical aspects and should suggest any leads for integrating your strategic monitoring into your company’s data system.
The quality of the answers you receive from service providers will depend on the quality of the specification.

We draft and edit your monitoring system’s specification for you bearing in mind the current situation, your requirements and expectations, your technical constraints and your information system, but also technological best practice for the monitoring solutions available on the market.

  • Production of a scoring grid

With your monitoring system’s specification, we provide you with a scoring grid allowing you to rate the proposals that will be made to you in a way that is consistent with your needs. The expected functionalities and the various evaluation criteria of your future monitoring system are identified and we weight them according to their degree of importance. The scoring grid provided allows you to choose the best respondents objectively prior to meeting them.

  • Identification of service providers

According to your requirements, the service providers that will need to be consulted may be different: vendors of “crawling” and monitoring solutions, vendors of integrated strategic monitoring platforms, Enterprise Content Management Content Management System platforms, data mapping tools, text mining solutions, etc.

Actulligence Consulting shall offer you a list of service providers to consult for your project.

  • Support during project presentations

Once the service providers making the best proposals have been accepted, we shall arrange a project presentations session for you.

This meeting with service providers will allow you to ask unresolved questions and if feasible, to have a demonstration of the solutions or examples of the service.
If you so wish, Actulligence Consulting will attend these project presentations with you.

  • Support during any POCs

According to the type of project, Actulligence Consulting may advise you to conduct a pilot (or POC: Proof of Concept). These pilots allow you to validate your choice by limiting your financial commitment to the accepted provider. In addition, it allows you to make sure that the accepted solution meets your functional and technological expectations. We give you support for this pilot and help you implement it and conduct it with your teams. In addition we produce evaluation grids for the pilot and draft any changes that could be required so that the monitoring solution or services meet all the expectations in the specification.

Actulligence Consulting, competitive intelligence consultants, will support you throughout your projects.