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Monitoring advice


We are convinced that offering a solution for optimal strategic and competitive monitoring requires expertise that is independent of its editors. That is why we are making our know-how available to you for designing and validating your monitoring project. Thanks to our experience, we can help you clarify your needs by carrying out in-depth interviews and using formalisation tools.
At Actulligence, we understand that every company has unique information requirements and its own distinct methods of data management. This is why we believe an in-depth understanding of your company or organisation is essential for establishing an effective monitoring unit. 
Our experts will work in close partnership with your team in order to create a collaborative monitoring process adapted to your specific needs. We support you throughout the process, from the advisory phase right up until your project becomes operational. Our aim is to provide you with the appropriate deliverables for monitoring, such as reports, newsletters and alerts, circulated systematically to your teams.
Place your trust in Actulligence for all your monitoring services. We are here to help you stay informed, competitive and ready to face all challenges.

And how does it work in more practical terms?

Discover our tailor-made monitoring guidance.
actulligence définit vos attentes pour votre système de veille sur-mesure

In-depth analysis of your needs

You are unique. Working with you, we will identify your specific needs. Using a list of questions agreed upon together, we will establish the expectations you have for your monitoring system. Your sources of information, restitution formats and the functionalities you desire are our priority. Welcome to a form of monitoring adapted to your profile.

Interactive and transparent project management

We are there to support you at every stage. Starting a monitoring project today is a complex business: information is strategic, the collaborative processes are delicate, and the software packages numerous. But we can simplify this process for you. Our dynamic team will actively manage your project, leading meetings, proposing clear timetables and ensuring that all goes smoothly, in line with your practices and demands.
to do list pour gestion de projet de veille
Actulligence rédige un cahier des charges pour mettre en place votre solution de veille

Clear and practical terms and conditions

Your vision is our priority. We produce detailed terms and conditions that include your present and future needs as well as the latest technological advances, thereby guaranteeing appropriate responses from service providers.

Objective scoring grid

We provide you with a personalised scoring grid to evaluate the proposals of service providers according to relevant criteria, thus helping you make informed and objective decisions for choosing the monitoring solution that meets your needs.
illustration du scoring pour votre prise de décision et choisir votre solution de veille avec Actulligence
comment Actulligence vous accompagne pour votre projet de cellule de veille

Identifying the best service providers

That is, the perfect partners for your project. We choose and recommend a list of quality service providers who specialise in different areas, thereby offering you a choice adapted to your specific requirements.

Supporting transparent projects

Your confidence, our commitment. We organise sessions in which projects are presented; this enables you to ask questions and obtain practical demonstrations of the solutions, thereby helping you make wise decisions.
aide à l'identification de votre solution de veille avec Actulligence
conseil pour votre solution de veille sur-mesure avec Actulligence

Expert support for POCs

Try it out before deciding. We advise you on how to implement pilot studies (Proof of Concept) to confirm your choice. We help you set up the pilot study, then judge the results and make recommendations in order to guarantee that your chosen solution completely fulfils your expectations.



Gain full benefit from your monitoring with Actulligence! Whether or not you have a scheme in place, we will develop, configure, and improve your system.

You have the monitoring solution, and we can assist you in making it operational as quickly as possible, while at the same time providing management for your project.

You have a monitoring scheme in place that is not entirely satisfactory: we can identify the sticking points and propose the best way forward for achieving its full potential, or possibly be prompted to suggest you make a change of direction.

Our expertise frees you from constraints and guarantees efficient functioning. Place your confidence in our agile, custom-made solutions to ensure success!

Actulligence has masterminded many projects involving monitoring solutions for French organisations – for example, KB Crawl, Cikisi, Digimind Evolution, Website Watcher, Ami Enterprise Intelligence and Curebot. We have also used many free monitoring tools as part of these projects.

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