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Monitoring Solution Expertise

Actulligence Consulting provides independent advice on monitoring solutions for the implementation of monitoring, research, competition and trends analysis campaigns and any project linked to Competitive Intelligence.

According to the scope of the project, we advise you on the implementation of the technical solution by offering to configure a software solution that is already marketed and to integrate it for you into a data processing chain.

If there is no “ideal solution”, we can draw up a functional and technical specification and give you advice on the development of bespoke tools for carrying out your monitoring.

Finally, if you don’t have the internal resources to undertake development, Actulligence Consulting can put you in touch with companies specialising in tools development.

Some Monitoring Software with which we usually work:

Monitoring Software

  • Website Watcher,
  • Copernic Agent professional,
  • Copernic Tracker,
  • Memoweb,
  • KB Crawl 3.1,
  • KB Crawl 4

Monitoring Platform

  • Digimind Evolution,
  • AMI Enterprise Intelligence,
  • Knowings,
  • MediaSpotter

Mapping Software

  • Mind Manager version 5 et supérieure,
  • Vision Link Desktop Pro,
  • Gephi

Our constant technology monitoring means we regular evaluations of the majority of technical solutions available on the Competitive Intelligence market so that we are able to give our clients the best advice.

Evaluation articles on Monitoring Software are posted online regularly on the Actulligence Blog.

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